Enjoy Namecoin Merged-mining2 weeks, 5 days


Most of you are already probably aware of our new NameCoin merged-mining operation which was in development for the most part of this year. It has been thoroughly tested in the past month and now is being published.

However, until today you had little chance to see and track all your rewards. The new UI now provides all merged mining related data .

So what to check exactly for? There are 2 sections on our web which were adjusted for this purpose and they are as follows:

Block History

The top right corner has a slide switch that allows switching between Bitcoin and Namecoin block history.

Rewards History

The top right corner has a slide switch that enables showing rewards for all Namecoin blocks interleaved with Bitcoin blocks. Statistics which we provide for Namecoin blocks is pretty much the same as for Bitcoin except values in the "Block Value” column. Let us explain.

Since we do not distribute Namecoin rewards to Namecoin payout wallets we are using an external service to automatically ex-change all mined Namecoins to Bitcoins. Therefore, Your Reward column displays the amount of Bitcoins that belong to you after we have traded the Namecoin block. The Bitcoins for the traded Namecoin Block are being fairly distributed among miners based on the same scoring hash-rate formula which we use for Bitcoin rewards distribution. The Block Value column shows the exchange rate provided by ShapeShift.io and the amount of Namecoins you have been rewarded.

PS: The same rules for invalid blocks are applied which means no reward for invalid block.

0% fee for August2 weeks, 6 days

We have sunk the mining fee to 0 % for the month of August (3.8.2015 - 3.9.2015). It is already active. We hope all of you will enjoy your free mining. Feel free to invite your friends!

Thank you for your attention and enjoy our LUCKY mining summer with us.

Expanding Eastern Hemisphere Presence5 months

Hello to all miners from eastern hemisphere! You can now connect to our mining servers in mainland China (Beijing) and Asia-Pacific(Singapore). This should provide connectivity not only to Asian miners but even for miners in Australia.

Slush pool website in local language

Our current users can also benefit from the new region-specific stratum server domain names.

Domain names for each region

— Slush Pool Team

Merged Mining in development!5 months, 1 week

Now that we have started development activities on the most demanded user proposals, we're glad to announce that merged mining is on the way and it has top priority.

We're watching the Development Corner closely as there's a lot of important feedback for us. Quite a number of proposals have been implemented with a new version of the dashboard and some are now being worked on.

If you have submitted a proposal and it is neither rejected nor accepted for voting yet, be sure it will be processed soon. We have received quite a long list, which is great but takes some time to go through ;)

— Slush Pool Team

Changes in Monitoring5 months, 1 week

After identifying the optimal use of our monitoring system we have decided to simplify few things:

  • Now only workers are being monitored. Account monitoring has been removed since we detected an unpleasant behavior in some corner cases. Users who have used account monitoring only (without worker monitoring), please reconfigure your account to use worker monitoring.
  • “Expected hash rate” setting has been renamed to “Alert limit” for clarity (see its explanation).

You can read full description of the Monitoring in a User Manual.

— Slush Pool Team

New Dashboard and Features5 months, 2 weeks

We've received quite a lot of feedback to user interface since the new web pages release. We'd like to let you know that we're listening and that we work on development of your proposals.

Most notable changes that are now being rolled out is the new dashboard design and couple of other UI tweaks. Here's a list of the features:

  • Redesigned dashboard with new data - automatically refreshed every minute
  • “Pool statistics page” has autorefreshing enabled, including all charts
  • Notifications – gives you the important info right on the dashboard
  • All rewards can now be shown in BTC, mBTC, USD, EUR or CNY using the current prices (see Settings).
  • Language preference now applies to the whole system including email notifications
  • Support for local time zones - all time information are shown in your selected time zone - including emails (see Settings).
  • Plenty of other small changes.

These changes closed more then 10 user proposals, you can now vote here for other ideas!

— Slush Pool Team
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