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World's First Mining Pool Celebrates 3rd Year with 0% Fee

Slush's pool, 2013-12-15

On 16th December 2010 Slush's Pool mined it's first block resulting in a 50 bitcoins reward. The first payout was split among 15 miners. The same day Slush's first miners found another block and since then more than 21.000 blocks with in a total volume of 900.000 BTC.

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Prague, Czech Republic, 2013-09-25

When I launched in late 2010 I didn't really expect the pooled mining concept to become such a success. At the beginning, mining was accessible rather to geeks but gradually the expectations towards a mining pool service have changed a lot.

My goal now is to introduce completely new features and cutting-edge technologies that will make mining accessible to newcomers as well as keep attractive for advanced users.

A few months ago I started to make preparations for a new edition of the pool - Slush Pool 2.0. The changes will be gradual and will lead to better user experience. The result should be simply a stronger pool with some great new benefits for you.

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