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Current Round Start: [[ current_round_start.iso_time() ]]
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Current Shares CDF: [[ round_probability.percentage(2) ]]
Current Bitcoin block, difficulty: [[ current_block ]], [[ current_difficulty ]] ---
Pool Luck (1 day, 7 days, 30 days): [[ luck_1.percentage(0) ]], [[ luck_7.percentage(0) ]], [[ luck_30.percentage(0) ]]
Total Shares in the Round: [[ total_shares ]]
Pool Effective Hash Rate (30 min average): [[ hr_pool_effective_30m.hashrate() ]]

Recent Hash Rate

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Hash Rate Distribution

User Group
User Count
Average Hash Rate
Group Hash Rate
  • Each circle represents a group of users with similar hash rate.
  • An area of a circle represents total hash rate of all users in the group together.
  • A group you belong to is highlighted (if you are logged in).

Hash Rate Per Location

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